About Us

Welcome to NY Insurance Brokerage, a reliable and trustworthy multi-purpose service for New York City’s Taxi Community. With wealth of knowledge, full expertise and years of experience in Taxi and Limousines Service Industry, our team is dedicated to provide the best services to our clients at a minimum cost according to their financial needs. Having worked with various stakeholders in the industry and addressing the needs of our clients efficiently and effectively, we are highly regarded and well known in the taxi community and beyond with respect to our services.

Key Benefits of NY Insurance Brokerage:

  • Borough Yellow, Green taxis, black cars etc.
  • Competitive taxi insurance rates
  • Get quick & free insurance quotes
  • Get appropriate rates for TLC liability insurance
  • Offer best workers compensation services
  • Full coverage insurance policies to TLC vehicles
  • Physical damage insurance policies to TLC vehicles
  • Full Service leasing & management service for drivers and taxi owners.
  • We match taxi owners with reliable drivers
  • We find taxi drivers a taxi to start driving

At NY Insurance Brokerage, our team of experts can help you with following services:

  • TLC Insurance
  • TLC Liability Insurance
  • TLC Workers Compensation
  • Full Coverage
  • Leasing/Management
  • Report a Claim
  • Claim Services
  • Find a Driver

Let us take a brief overview on our services as follows:

  • We offer the best taxi insurance services in NY. You can take advantage our competitive rates for Green taxi, Yellow taxi, Black cars, Ambulettes, and Limousines. Contact one of our insurance agents for a free and quick quote.
  • We can provide the rates with most reliable service for TLC liability insurance in New York. We work with some largest insurance companies in order to provide you the best TLC insurance rates. This service is available for Yellow taxi, Green taxi, and Black cars.
  • We also offer TLC Workers Compensation insurance service for your Yellow, Green, Black taxis & cars. You can call one of our agents to get priced quote.
  • In order to cover your TLC vehicle, we offer the physical damage and full coverage vehicle insurance policy from best insurance companies to provide you the reliable rates. You can contact one of our agents to avail this service with competitive priced quote.
  • Want to get rid of TLC vehicle management? We can offer our reliable services to manage your vehicle. Just give us the taxi permit & we will manage it while working with leading car Service Company.
  • In case of an accident of your vehicle, should follow the steps to report a claim and NY Insurance Brokerage will fully provide cooperation.
  • One of the most important services of Taxiland is that you can easily find a driver for your TLC vehicle. We will help you in the whole process of setting a driver. Contact our experts to avail this service.

We believe that our endless commitment to attain customer satisfaction leads us to become standout in the taxi community in New York, and ensure our continuous growth. To this end, we have worked with best industry stakeholders and have dedicated staff managing our best services.